Friday, June 5, 2009

Garden growing

Oh, June!
Suddenly, summer seems to be here - I spent a couple of days getting my front porch cleaned up - fun to see the floor again! The blue table was against the far railing (when it was still white)

There was an amazing rain & thunder storm yesterday - downpour! The garden loved it, everything looks shiny & fresh today.

One of my favorite roses is blooming - a David Austin 'Gertrude Jekel' - fragrant & blousy pink. I read a suggestion to loop & tie the long branches, so the bloom will happen all along a branch, rather than just the ends. This instead of clipping back in the fall/winter. Fun idea.

I planted another Austin Rose, 'Jude the Obscure,' in the bed just to the left of this - it's a pale yellow, also very fragrant.

I'm off to the coast with my dau & her family this weekend - always fun, whatever the weather! Better go pack . . .


peppylady said...

My roses do have buds on them.
We might have thunderstorm coming in.

Coffee is on.

Genie Sea said...

How lovely! :)I hope you had a marvelous time! :)