Monday, June 22, 2009

Harry Potter Camp

My grandkids are all attending 'Harry Potter Camp' at our church this week (VBS). I'm helping out in the preschool room, & with the sign language for the songs.

Here are Kakay 'n Em eating breakfast (black beans for lots of protein!) on the stairs. Gregory was still getting dressed, with his big coz. helping.

For several years we had 'Suess Camp' - the gospel according to Doctor Suess, with examples for kind living coming from several of his stories.

I recently noticed someone calling her spiritual 'blend' the 'braided path' - Buddhist, nature focus pagan, & New Thought Christian; I like that, having often called myself 'buddhist/pagan/christian!' & I adore books about magic, elves, awakenings, & people struggling to make 'good choices' . . .

So I'm wrestling with some of the references to 'God is real, magic is make-believe!' well . . .

From the healer & "Mystic's" point of view, it would be nice to tone down the emphasis on 'what's real & what's not' The Harry Potter books are novels, for sure, with one author, but magic & magical thinking are part of chidhood's heritage, in my view.

A number of teachers I've studied healing with see auras, have seen or connected with fairies, 'know' when someone is ill etc, & were told by the dominant culture that wasn't real! I especially enjoy when I receive a 'dream teaching' that is later validated! It's often taken folks years to reclaim their gifts, & learn to express & utilize them.

When I was receiving Buddhist teachings & was given a name - Drugma Chodron Wong Mo, I had a hard time remembering what it meant - "dragon depository of the Dharma, powerful mother." Whew, what a mouthfull!
The week before, I'd had a reading from a mother & daughter, who called me a 'wisdom keeper.'
So I dreamed - dharma, wisdom teachings (wong); depository - keeper (or place something is kept)! OH!! In my dream, my buddhist teacher broke it down & explained it to me, word by word. Dragon was drugma, mother: mo. It's remained vivid ever since, tho I don't use it as my 'name,' it's part of my 'definition.'

Roselyn Bruyer (Wheels of LIght) re-learned to see energy fields (auras) when her sons (4 & 5) saw them. Her mother (who had been frightened by Ros's childhood abilities, & told her they weren't 'real') became a 'believer' the night her appendix burst, after the boys said "The fuzz around grandma's tummy is orange!" (she began asking 'how does my fuzz look?)

Eric Vormanns, brought up in Ghana, was a bit luckier, in that his gifts were recognized - he also sees auras, (he calls me 'the butterfly lady') & could see sickness & predict recovery or death - but his grandma would tell him not to tell folks what he saw! He calls his healing modality 'spiritual' or 'etheric' healing, it's done off the body, & especially effective in aiding recovery from burns or working with pets.
A teaching Eric offers parents - it's our job to help our children express & use their gifts for good, & to notice weaknesses & help children overcome them. A very gentle, good hearted man. I've taken 3 classes with him, & recall recieving a 'message' for one gal from her departed mother. Eric told the other students 'it's OK for her to recieve that message - she's working on sending energy with her harp - the rest of you, concentrate on physical information!'

Dora Van Gelder Kunz, who helped develop Therapeutic Touch grew up in a family that saw fairies & natures spirits, & many of us work with those energies to help rebalance our beautiful blue green planet. In her booklet on Christmas & angels: Dora wrote: "We must remember that the whole earth is thronged with hosts of superphysical beings, angels and archangels and all the Company of Heaven, who stand for the most part at a higher level of evolution than ourselves and who are responsible for the guidance and control of the maniforld processes of Nature. It is their thoughts and feelings and activities which play so important a part in the creation of that peculiar atmosphere of good will so noticeable at Christmas; and at this time of the year the whole earth thrills with the wonderful forces outpoured by the angels."
I've offered workshops in how to connect with & work with nature spirits in gardening, & certainly received messages from them. A friend who 'sees' once asked me if I 'saw' my entourage of 'little ones' -

A few years ago, a harpist friend I was visiting was concerned about her daughter's belief in Fairies - which had caused a ripple at school. Rosie was 5 or 6 at the time.
In the AM, the principal met with us (informally), & as they talked about the 'incident,' when she & another child argued about the 'reality' of fairies, he commented 'It's a belief, & no one can tell someone else what they do or should believe! Now, at school, it would be helpful not to try to convince each other one way is right & the other wrong!'
Rosie was particularly upset, as she had recently seen 'Peter Pan,' & felt each time her friend said 'fairies aren't real!' one died! Her child care provider called Reiki (hands on healing) 'fairy energy' & I'd once been asked to do 'fairy energy' on Rosie's knee, when she'd twisted it at a harp camp! She was running around in no time (as her mom said, 'she was really hurt & limping!')
I was so relieved by the principal's comment - what a lovely way to look at it! 'Belief' in magic, fairies, energy systems are just as valid as any other belief, & just as deserving of tolerance!

Since both the principal & my friend & her family happen to be Jewish (it was a Montessori school in a college town & multi cultural), they were well aware of the danger of dictating belief. & isn't God involved in everything - including these 'full sensory' abilities that most of us have supressed??

I tend to feel more than see, which is helpful in my work - sometimes feeling in my own body where the problem lies. Gifts can certainly be developed for good or ill - that's the message delivered by Rolling's books, & the message I think we want to get across :)

When Alyssa (now 9) was 5, I was working with Doreen Virtue's fairy cards, & asked Sis if she 'saw' fairies - she described little darting lights by the rosemary bush - much as Doreen described them! Later, when my daughter came to pick her up, Alyssa scolded: "Mom! You didn't let the fairies know you were going to walk on the grass!" (one of Doreen's sug) - to which my magical daughter responded: "They know I was going to - the fairies aren't stupid!"


3T Heppenstall said...

God is real. Magic is real. God just does not want his followers participating in magic and witch craft. But there is a fine line between "practicing magic" and going to an "magic show" (or "illusionist show")I am not a big fan of the Harry Potter stuff but at the same time I can remember watching lots of things with magic in them when I was a kid and it didn't hurt any. The kids just have to be able to draw a line... which is of course where the parent comes in. And you seem like you're doing a fine job!

Sorry that was so long.

peppylady said...

I'm here sort of tagging you for what I call my in the know.
"What do you eat and drink?"

Coffee is on.