Wednesday, September 9, 2009


After a LOVELY two week 'work/ation' holiday at Shining Breitenbush Hot Springs, I'm back in cyber world!! There actually are computers up there, but I enjoyed my time off the grid (hydro plant for power, geothermal heat, lovely OG food - ate gluten free & mostly vegan for 2 weeks) . . .

I worked at the Burning bush in the early to mid 90s, 4 years total, & enjoyed the opportunity to 'fill-in' for one of the staff who was on holiday to Alaska. My dau came up with her hubby & the girls - the 9 year old commented on the way home "there's only one thing wrong with breitenbush! . . . we didn't stay 3 nights!"
They'd stayed one night, coming up on my Birthday to help celebrate! What a delightful treat.
Now Sis is in school - 4th grade! & the little one begins playschool next week.
The last 'treat' was participating in a Breema Workshop over Labor Day weekend! I love integrating the Breema principles into my massage practice, & into my daily life. Link
Another treat was participating in hula hoop 'well being' classes several times with Lacy from Hoopshine. The first 2 were on the lawn, & I actually integrated some new ways to spin & play with my hoop!!

It's interesting getting back to life in this louder & busier world! I have some ideas for rearranging my space, inspired by the 9x20' cabin I was staying in, & am integrating back into doing massage, dropping Kayleen off for babysitting, etc.


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