Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gluten Free scones

Since going gluten-free this summer, it's been interesting to consider that when going 'out'.
At Breitenbush, I was pleased to find so many fabulous gluten free choices, including Goddess Cake on my BD! Today when a friend suggested a lunch date, I opted for Thai, rather than a favorite soup & sandwitch cafe, which makes the best gluten loaded bread, & uses flour in the cream soup . . .

This Friday my 'Bodaceous Babes' Red Hat group is going to a private tea room that's open a few times a month (the owner sends out e-mails with those dates, & folks call to book). We went several months ago, & it's a lovely venue. So today I called to check about gluten-free options, (she serves a 'set' menu, varying it seasonally) & she said oh, yes, she can accomodate that with notice - but I'd have to 'forgo the scones.' hmm

So I checked on-line, & found this lovely scone recipe on the gluten-free gormand blog. When my kids were young, scones were an easy quick solution for their lunch if we were out of bread - we usually had a good supply of whole wheat flour & eggs :) I enjoyed backing them stove-top in a frying pan, & could whip up a batch while they got ready for school.

I made a batch tonight, using my brown rice 'basic' GF mix with 1/4 C coconut flour, egg whites (my dau's allergic to egg yolks & I want to share them), coconut milk, & 3 Tbsp each of butter & coconut oil. Peppy Lady shared a great list of egg substitute options!
I chopped filberts (local) & dried apricots, grated a bit of lemon 'zest' (peel), & added some freshly ground nutmeg - YUMMMMY!! I used the full amount of sugar (sucanat 'SUgar CAne NATural) & a bit of agave nectar - too sweet (for me!) The brown rice flour makes for such a nice texture.

So, no, I won't need to 'forgo' the scones - I can bring my own!
& while looking at recipes, found this lovely one for G F croissants!! Croissants? One of the few true regrets/ wists I was having, going gluten free . . . . so that's next on the list!


peppylady (Dora) said...

Oh I love scones but I have to confess that I've never made scones in my life and I understand they are simple as falling off a log.
There use to filberts growing here. But somehow they got disease and they all died off.

Coffee is on.

Dia said...

tee hee!
Scones are simple, Dora! I'd only use a Tbsp of sugar or agave nectar next time - 1/3 C tasted way too sweet for me - but they were yummy & simple!
One tip was to refrigerate the flour & oil/butter mix while you mixed the eggs/coconut milk - & I sifted my flour mix (my mom always did, :)

miss*R (*whimsy* is my middle name) said...

I am gluten and (mostly)dairy free.. thanks for this recipe!