Thursday, April 29, 2010

Full Moon in Scorpio

Lovely full moon time again - with Mercury a wee bit retrograde, across the sky in Taurus.

This afternoon, the sun 'in the sky' will be trine my natal sun - about which, my favorite astrology site says: "you experience a time of balance and equilibrium in your life, when you can be yourself with the fewest obstacles from people or circumstances. Various affairs in your life will hum along very nicely now, and you may be tempted to think that they will always go this well. But in fact this is the time to firm up your affairs and make sure that they are strong enough to withstand troubles that may come later on."

The sun will be in my 8th house for several weeks: "You will have a strong desire to experience life on a feeling level, and this is just what you need. One very real possibility at this time is that an encounter with someone will produce the need for very searching psychological self-inquiry or will force very powerful changes in your life. This person may challenge your value structure, or there may be a powerful intermeshing of your personalities."

Years ago, one of my friends showed me the back of her chart, where another astrologer had marked these sun transits, when the sun 'in the sky' would enter each of the 12 houses of the natal chart (marked from the time of day you were born) & the emphasis of that month! I recall being intrigued at the time, & observing times this monthly overlay was particularly 'acurate.'

If you do know the time & place you were born, Astro is a fun site to peruse. You can calculate charts simply by entering the data (if you sign up, you can 'store' unlimited data at no charge; anyone can do a few charts) here's an overview of what they offer. Even without any knowledge of Astrology, you can use the 'astro click portrait' feature to click on lines & symbols of your (or someone else's) chart, & get a basic overview.

Of course it's more fun to have an actual reading with a real person!! But this is a good way to familiarize yourself with the lingo, & some of the basic information.

Things to look for: what elements are your planets in?? Esp Sun, Moon, & the Ascendent (horizon line - the left side) Where are Mercury (how you think/process info) Venus (female energy, often how the world 'sees' a woman, what kind of woman a man is attracted to) & Mars (male/active energy - how a man is viewed, & in a woman's chart - the kind of man she's attracted to). While I'm a Virgo, my Venus is in Leo, a more vibrant & 'center stage' energy. Folks are often surprised to find that I'm a Virg0, 'you're not like the other Virgos I know!'
Venus & Mercury travel close to the sun, so will be in the same sign, one ahead or one behind the sun - so this is actually a fairly common placement.
'High' manifestation of Leo energy (my Venus) is both the ability to be 'center stage' oneself, AND to encourage others to be comfortable in the limelight. (low side is to want to be there all the time oneself - combine that with being an only child; make sure you NOTICE me!! - esp when I was a kid! Now I more easily manifest 'high Leo' energy.
Each planet & sign has these 'high/low' offerings, the trick is to learn how to use the energy well.

The site has several tutorials, so you can learn a lot just poking around :)

Ooo, look to the right; I just added the current planet positions on the Vale's sidebar!! > > >

Enjoy the moon, your day, & tra la, tis almost MAY!!


Suzie Ridler said...

Astrology is so much fun and informative, isn't it Dia? I'm hoping the intensity takes a break so I can sleep again after the moon begins to wane. I find Scorpio energy very intense, gets my emotions brewing.

So glad you also read Garlic and Sapphires! Isn't Ruth amazing? That book was so much fun.

Did you see my Clementine cake? No flour! :) And wow, one of the best cakes I ever made.

Dia said...
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