Monday, April 19, 2010

Sacred Geometry

Several years ago, before moving into my current home, I had a phone consultation with a psychic. Her suggestions included 'anchoring' my home space by placing a small crystal (individual or small cluster) at each corner of the house, & I did that (clear quartz & amethyst).

I've used various clearing techniques for my home & land since the late 80s, & this felt harmonious. I enjoy doing little things like this that feel 'happy.'
In the mid 90s, I studied Lightwork with Amorah Quan Yin, & played my harp to help set the 'Dolphin Star Temple' energy daily during the month long workshop. Amorah comments: "There are numerous mystery school systems on Earth now & (have been) in the past. I just happen to be a dreamer/channel/anchor for one of these. Each system has equal beauty."

Dim memories of living & swimming in warm water oceans & an affinity for 'the blue place' attracted me to Amorah's teachings, & the term 'star temple' has its own sweet resonance. Toward the end of one particularly intense session (the 25+ students worked in small groups & we were clearing 'contracts' on the etheric level) I'd begun playing my harp. A friend told me that the music had really anchored the Star Temple 'as soon as you began playing.' (I also send Reiki with my music.)

Recently I've thought about that anchoring, both for a personal space/home, & for places folks gather intentionally (& it feels appopriate) - placing the corner - stones & others at the midpoints of each wall - but out 3 or 4' (or at the lot line).

My daughter & her family will soon move across town, & we talked about each of the 4 family members choosing an 'outer' stone (by their Astrological element - N by Earth (Taurus), E by Air (Aquarius), S by the youngest (also an Earth sign - S is fire, summer, play) & W by Water (Scorpio).

A newly opened center in downtown Mac has a sweet selection of ~ 1/2 " stones that range from 2/ $1 to $1.50, these are the ones I picked up Saturday. I plan to take the girls in to choose stones for their new home! I thought the 'dalmation jasper' would be nice on the front corners of the house, the pink agate for the back corners (these were each 2/$1 :)

Apache Tears: good luck, tapping 'what is
Blue Lace Agate - communitly, clarity, loyalty, trust
Botswana Pink Agate: stabilize, strengthen
Chiastolite (cross stone) creative, practical, solve problems, Insight, Soul Purpose
Dalmation Jasper (2: for the front entrance - either side) protect, nurture, absorb, cleanse
Lepitolite: Rebirth, lighten heart, elevate moods
Nephrite Jade: steady, good luck
Sodalite: heal emotions, relax, de-stress
Unakite: dissolve past blocks, move into present

I also intend to place 'outer stones' at my house - loved the times I lived in a yurt (round) & later in an octagon - fun to think outside the box.

Off to work!! Had a LOVELY quick 'recharge' trip to the beach Sunday with my daughter & her girls - 66* & sunny - with no wind!


Rue said...

I love the idea of stones 'anchoring' the home. I'm definitely going to think about this more as I settle into my new suite and build the gardens.

Glad you had fun at the beach!

lilasvb said...

like the simplicity of the draw!

Dia said...

Isn't it a lovely idea?? & yes, it was fun to do that little sketch! I tried a program & got an image, but couldn't figure out how to send it!!

Molly has written another WONDERFUL bit on land clearing 'tune up' - with the reminder to clear energy through a 'christed grid,' which purifies it as it 'returns to sender' . . .

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