Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Time Again

Here it is, April 15 . . . got the taxes off (yes, I put them off - a-g-a-i-n!!)

It's funny, it really doesn't take me that long to go through my paperwork & get the figures sorted out & down - why do I put it off?? Mmm could it be because I know I'll have to pay?

& despite my resolve, I only paid the first quarter's estimates last year - I sent those off again with my payment, & broke down the quarter into each month's contribution - will post that somewhere at my office - maybe in my the change & credit card slip bag in my drawer! (it's funny - April, June, Sept & Jan don't quite seem like 'quarterly') Also the amount I want to contribute to my IRA.

Last year I was busier the first & last months of the year, & business really does seem to have picked up a bit. On the 14th, I did a bit of 'first aide' chair massage at the tax office where my gal friend works - much appreciated! She & I plan to have lunch tomorrow, celebration time! Our Red Hat group is going to a tea room that wasn't interested in working with me to find GF options 'Everything we make has gluten!' . . . 'we don't serve salads' (well then, thanks!)

Last week my daughter & I attended a fascinating talk on Mental Health & food intollerances, with a focus on gluten sensitivity. Gluten Free RN was the main speaker, she discovered her own sensitivities 4 years ago, when her health had seriously deteriorated, & she felt she was on death's door. I esp. enjoyed her description of having 'Polish Potato Picker Legs' which had developed pitting edema - at 40! Yikes! She's lost 35 # in the 4 years since, & we were both wearing 'skinny jeans!'
She's a great local resource, attending our GIG, Gluten Free Friends' monthly meetings, & offering insight.
She had been an ER Trauma nurse, & on her site, comments: " I have been an ER nurse for 16 years, I saw multiple doctors, and still could not figure out what was killing me.
"Within 2 weeks of being on a gluten-free diet, I felt much better! By February 2007, I started RN On Call, my own business. In March 2007, I became a gluten intolerance/cel
iac disease educator.
"I can save more people with this information than I ever could have saved in the emergency department."

She's also on Facebook; as is celiac nurse, who has a great 12 part series with information about many of the ways gluten sensitivity can manifest. Both these great ladies are on Facebook, too:)

My daughter-in law & her two kids are spending the night - she works with the 'horse vet' from a local clinic, & will be riding on 'rounds' with her tomorrow. My son has an early job (at Nike) so will come over about the time she leaves, as I have an AM massage to give. It's fun to have them here - they had a grand time running around with their cousins!

My daughter's kids are in the middle, my son's on the outside - 6, 10, 5 & 4 years old! (can you see the ballet influence? :)
I fed them free range chicken, mixed grains, & greens from the garden with root veggies from my CSA share. They put the sun to sleep, staying out till the last possible moment!
Now they're all tucked in & sound asleep.
My daughters girls are back home, across the fence, sigh. Next month they'll be moving across town! It's good, their house is way small, & the new one is the same style, 50s with hardwood floors, etc; only 2 owners before them! & on a double lot! With veggie garden already in place . . . still . . .


linda said...

i've been thinking of catching up with you about this gluten stuff, since my dx several weeks ago but have been too sick...thanks for the new links, i'm glad you seem to be so full of flagging memory tells me you are doing this for your health rather than being half dead like me, thus forced into it, and i commend you for it...i am not finding it easy but then, i keep making myself sick with all the crap with gluten in it even when it says it's GF! amazing laws we have...

lucky grandma, you ;)

Hanlie said...

For a long time I believed that I had a gluten sensitivity, if not an outright intolerance. But according to the biochemist who does my BEST readings, I don't. I would have been better off believing that I had, because these days I'm eating far too much bread!

Yay for getting the taxes done!

Dia said...

It would be lovely if you're not gluten sensitive, Hanlie, but I wouldn't rule it out! The testing can be very tricky, & has to be read by someone REALLY familiar with gluten issues! In Finland, gluten is the first thing they check for in cases of infertility (hanlie's blog is 'fertile healthy)

Yesterday my dau & her 10 year old got NON GF cupcakes that they THOUGHT were the GF ones @ a BD party & my dau had anxiety this AM for the first time since last summer,
The older girl threw a fit in the car on the way to the coast, we finally had to stop & deal with it!
My son used to be out of control, his 4 year old is O/C, he & his 6 yr old daughter react to poison oak (but the allergist suggests ’some salves’ for the eczema; & doesn’t think having an aunt & a sis with celiac should be an indication that perhaps it’s GLUTEN!)

Today my granddaughter was hollering that we should go to the playground rather than the ocean, & out of control – NOT her usual behavior! (once at the ocean – 66 & no wind – playing in the water, running on the beach, she was happy to be there!)
– having been ‘glutened,’ it will take 4-6 weeks for their bodies to recover again.

Sigh! I wish it were easy - the younger girl had a GF cupcake, but the hostess didn't realize my dau & the older girl also ate GF (we went GF in part because of the older girl's 'mild seizure disorder' - often linked to G sensitivity) & are two great resources who, gluten sensitive themselves, have shifted their careers to helping others recognize the many symptoms, & go gluten free!