Thursday, January 2, 2014

12 Days of Fitness Challenge - Day 9

Catherine Basu in Texas is hosting a fitness challenge, to give us a head start on New Years intentions - here's the link to the Facebook group! Catherine encourages us to move a bit more each day, 'Even if it's just a 10 minute walk!'

Today I was back in the pool for Deep Water Aerobics - one last class before I return to babysitting Tuesday & Thursday mornings next week! My friends Emily (a school counsellor) & Nancy (teacher) were also lamenting that with school starting next Monday, they'll also miss these classes. There ARE evening classes - but more folks attend, & I'm often doing a massage at that time.

It was a good class, and welcome after the gym time yesterday! & the hot tub was open (hadn't been on Tuesday) our 'reward' for a good workout. I walked around town a bit before having lunch out with friends, then RECEIVED a massage between the two I gave this afternoon!!

Now I'm working on the hand-outs for my Reiki Level 1 class, coming up on Sunday. I have 8 students registered, plus several folks 'auditing' (reviewing) the class. And decided it was time to get my materials updated. I've been blogging about Reiki over on King's Touch Reiki & used those writings and other materials I've used in the past as a jumping off point.

So just finished printing them at my daughter's, & will take them to the copy shop tomorrow.

What was your workout today?


Fit Armadillo said...

Nadya-I know how you feel about getting in classes now! I teach and train clients and the holiday break is just about the only time I get to sneak in some classes myself. It's nice :) Glad you were able to get your own massage. How often do you go? I go here and there, but my husband gives the best massages so I hate buying one. Just need to bribe him to do a longer one sometime, I guess :)

Dia said...

I try to get 2 sessions a month - how WONDERFUL that your hubby gives a great massage - lucky you!! Work on those bribes :-)
I grew up trading back & foot rubs with my mom, & those frequent, good massages are the best!!