Friday, October 23, 2009

Risky Business - diet of joy

MMMM risk!
I finally 'caught up' & read this chapter right away, then didn't think about it a lot during the week . . .
But when I reviewed the week, a couple of opportunities have presented themselves, related to some of the things I've thought of doing.

I take Deep Water Aerobics sporadically at our local pool, & several times over the last year have had mini-conversations with one of the teachers (Pool manager?) Rob, who knows I teach Tai Chi, & asked if I were interested, maybe, in teaching for them? One of the slower classes? But I might need to get certified in teaching water classes . . . & I 'should' talk to Jason sometime.
I pursued it a bit, talked to them both in the coffee shop (casually) after class one time. Looked online & saw that there are occasional classes for teachers at a water center ~ an hour away.
So on Tue the other teacher, Jason, brought it up again, & INVITED me to come observe (participate in?) the Arthritis class that meets M, W & F mornings, & perhaps I'd be interested in teaching that class? YES!
I couldn't go Wed, as I was at the Playschool, & today was sched for an 11 AM massage - but the client's kids are sick, so I marked off to visit this morning! I may still need training for water classes. I've taught Tai Chi since the early 90s, but find it challenging to self-promote, so this would be awesome. Esp. if I'm part of a teacher 'bank,' so I don't have the responsibility of being there EVERY time.

The second unexpected opportunity came when one of teachers at a local Yoga school called, & asked if I'd be 'interested' in playing the harp for a Sun afternoon Yoga workshop? I met with her & the co-teacher last night, to work out details & plan a Sat 'intro' in a few weeks.
I love co-facilitation, & have 'put out' that I'd enjoy doing that with the harp, providing music for workshops. So here's the opportunity! I've also been interested in teaching some Tai Chi (or having the Breema folks come for a workshop) in that studio, & have done a few 'baby steps' in that direction.

You probably noticed, I like my 'risks' to come to me!! Oh, don't get me wrong - I am willing to step out there, too - but find that being in the flow works best.

When I decided I'd like to move to Breitenbush, I began doing some fill-in (& helped develop that program) for the massage team. I remember the founder & manager meeting with me (& my boyfriend, already a resident) & asking if I were serious about wanting to move there (I must have already put in my app. for Healing Arts), if I was, they wouldn't advertise out of house . . . then one of the team members asked if I'd like to fill-in for her the month before my start date, & if I'd like to be her housemate?
I filled in, & when she returned from vacation, she'd decided it was time to leave, so I was 'senior householder' in a two person (with kitchen & bathroom!) house, my second 'full-time' month! (Many new hires go through their first summer in a platform tent, or in a less 'cushy' space)

So, risk!! I'll keep you posted :)


sherry ♥ lee said...

Risks that come to you are still have to accept or decline, right? So the risk is whether or not you will say "yes".

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are well on in being willing to take risks! Thanks for sharing your journey! I wish I could be in that yoga class listening to your beautiful music.

Dia said...

Yes, Sherry, I guess they are :)
Lisa - would love to have you there! We are all excited about the offering :)

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Thanks for sharing your journey. Love it.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I believe we all look at taking risk as we age.

Coffee is on.

Ellecubed said...

I really like your approach to risk. Thank you so much for sharing.

Karen D said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with risk this week. Even if the risk comes to you, you still make the choice to accept it, good for you!

Kim said...

I'm late making my rounds this week.

I like the idea of being open to the risks that come to you. That's really beautiful and it has led you to some worthy risks.

Now I am aching to take a yoga class with live harp music. That must be so powerful. WOW!