Friday, October 30, 2009

Joyful Treats!

Play! What a delightful week's project. Most of my week has been spent with a sick granddaughter (now on the mend!) I didn't have any AM appointments this week, so was able to hang out with her. Fall here (Oregon) is full of wonderful colours, & last weekend I actually got some yardwork done! Cut the lavender, trimmed some blackberries, put brush on a pile for my son-in law & his dad to haul away.

As I look at other's lists & writing about 'treats,' I find resonance - my 3 granddaughters & lone grandson, bring me a lot of joy!
I began the week (last Fri) at a local boutique having a 30% off sale - I usually just buy a bit of jewelry or other small something there - found a georgeous, soft orange jumper, & melon coloured tank top that I got!! & just realized that's what I'll wear to my friend's Hallow's party tomorrow!

My wee dog Gracie always triggers a smile (unless she's swiping something she shouldn't have - why did she decide undies are a good chew toy??) & she's great at snuggling. I got her as a puppy, & she already lived with kids, so she's a Chihuahua who adores 'our grandbabies' :)

I love to dance, & have been taking a square dance class - this week was challanging (had I missed last Mon? I may have) - how can I remember 'scoot back' means go FOWARD & 'shake' your opposite's right hand?? Scoot BACK?? But it's so much fun, & it seemed like everyone was getting mixed up, & we'd have to stop, often with lots of laugher!

Fun seeing how many of us mention massage & pedis as favorite treats - since I 'do' massage, & LOVE them, too! & I was sched to receive this week, but needed to watch my granddaughter - so have that on my list (to sched with someone else, as that friend's way busy now) for next week!

I enjoyed Martha Beck's image of taking the 'detour' to the art store, & grabbing supplies right & left! Around the corner from my office there are both a knitting store & an art supply - I love going in either & feeling textures, seeing the range of colours & different 'treats' - wondering what I might do with this or that (esp if it's in the sale bin!) & a fabulous fabric store across the street. So I find myself 'detouring' often.

I remember my mother in-law grumbling at the mention, in one of her mags, someone objecting to smelling greasy fleece! If it's fresh, lanolin smells heavenly, & if there's some sheep s___, it's usually dried & pretty inoffensive - she had raised sheep, & loved the smell of lanolin. Horses smell good to me, & cats. Have you ever smelled an owl feather?? It must be the mice they eat that make owls & cats have similar fragrances!

I love the produce at our local grocery - esp the Organic & local, & picking up the veg of my CSA share. & finding recipes, from their newsletter, on-line & in books; with creative new ways to use them! A favorite simple treat is my coconut/cocoa powder/ carob mix that i usually snack on before bed (1-2 Tbsp, so about truffle size!)

The LIBRARY is the other direction from my office, a block to the West, & I made two trips this week - dropping off books, & picking up one I'd 'ordered' from our interlibrary system, a new mystery by Diane Wei Liang. I'd read her 'Eye of Jade' a week ago, then saw she had a second in the series. Next to that are the swimming pool & 'upper city park' with a great play structure, & lots of areas for a bit of Tai Chi - so my urge to move can be easily satisfied on a longer break.

Like Kathryn, I am mostly debt free (my house payment is less than most pay for rent, I pay my CC off monthly!) & also treat myself to handmade jewelry or bits of art (& like others, often find that getting something 'wee' satisfies the urge, & doesn't take a lot of space! I took a workshop in a favorite bodywork technique in early Sept, & am going to a friend's Hallows party tomorrow evening.

I take a candlelit bath with scented Epsom salts (essential oils) a couple of times a week, & burn candles when I play the harp, esp. on High Holy days (like Hallows). & light incense on one of my alters every few days - nag champa, sandelwood, copal, myrrh, rose, lavender, . . .

LeWenda shared her list, which included sevral of my favorites - the sight, sounds, smells of the sea! These on-line connections, & sweet comments; children's art, smiles & laughter; wild flowers, music (& making music) . . . .

Oooh - handmade pottery & wooden spoons are two of my almost unconscious every day treats! The cup in the last post is from a potter I took a workshop from last year - loved it - but wasn't sure what I wanted to make 'next' (did ornaments for my galfriends & a few dishes myself) & I ALWAYS eat breakfast with one of my wooden spoons, & choose the bowl.
Well, now I usually have a pumpkin smoothie, so use a handthrown 'goblet' & one of the spoons. My daughter & her hubby enjoy Fiesta Ware - in all it's cheerful colours, so have a 'rainbow' of plates, bowls & cups (the grands enjoy it when their plate matches someone elses' cup or bowl!)

I didn't do much with Divine Decadence - I find myself smiling a lot - that's one of the things that's been 'noticed' about me - I've even been told I smile 'TOO MUCH!" (by the abused daughter of restauranteers I worked for a coons age back) . . . & that's a hard one to turn about! What would one do, frown a lot?? I noticed years ago that some of my clients age 'happily,' & others always look gloomy - I'd rather have laugh lines!

Ooo, isn't that next? On to PLAY!!


Kim said...

Yes, I,too, love all of these handmade, soulful objects. To me, it's important to "treat" myself to these things. It's a way of staying connected (in all ways). And these little mindful moments that we sometimes take for granted - so precious and delightful when we take the time to notice them. Lovely post!

Pink Heels said...

Glad to hear that your granddaughter has you to help mend her back to full health. I used to "pretend" to be sick as a kid so that my grandma would come over and take care of me all day while my parents were at work. As the oldest of four, this was the most effective way for me to get one-on-one time with my grandma. Oops! The secret is out! LOL

WrightStuff said...

Treats, treats and more treats. What a joy it has been to share with each other this week!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Oh what treats you have had lately. We yet don't have any grand children but I enjoy spoiling my grand niece and nephews.

Coffee is on.

Tori said...

I loved reading this! We all need to treat ourselves sometimes. I usually do it with books. ;)

KathrynAntyr said...

How fun to see familiar names in your post. I really shows what a connect online tribe we have. :)

We do share many favorites but one that I didn't think to mention is enjoying things like the pottery. There was a time when I would save my "good" glasses or dishes, but now I enjoy them. My son loves getting milk in a martini glass or juice in a wine glass.

Cheers to treating ourselves well!

Anonymous said...

Those grandmother relationships are one of the best treats in life. I absolutely adored my sweet Granny and I'm sure you are very much adored and loved by your grandkids! How delightful to appreciate so many treats in your life!

Helen said...

What delicious treats you've listed. Ones I hadn't written down but you reminded me of: pottery, the library, art supply stores. I love how we're sharing these, because then I can remember and create more treats!

Anonymous said...

No one smiles TOO much if it comes from the heart... the person who thinks that evidently doesn't smile enough... :) What a deligtful list of treats you have!!!

Ellecubed said...

What a beautiful post about treats. Thank you so much for sharing.

becky n said...

I love to use special utensils, too. And I forgot to mention the library - ours just reopened after a 2 year renovation and it is fabulous!

We belong to a CSA, too. And seeing all those lovely, healthy veggies and playing with new recipes really is a treat! I've just discovered the joys of celery root. Never had it before. Finally decided to try it.

Have a great week with play!

This Guy said...

Loving this post!! I love your personal rituals, especially the wooden spoons!! I always have baths with candles and epsom salts, and light candles and burn incense, love to burn when I am cleaning, just fills the house with that amazing energy. Love the Nag Champa too!!

You are SO lucky to have your grandchildren, they must bring you so much joy. My grandmother always said her grandkids were the best thing that ever happened to her. She said she had kids JUST to have grandkids eventually! LOL

Many blessings to you!

Dia said...

Arn't these lovely treats?
Yes, it doesn't matter if the grandkids are 'our own,' or nieces n nephews, neighbor kids . . . my mom was 37 when I was born, but she was a FAVORITE aunt for years before that!
Kathryn - your comment about saving your 'good' pottery reminds me of my first house in a community, when my housemate ate out of MY BOWL - & I was a bit peaved - she kindly said 'oh, just let me know which bowls are OK to eat out of . . . you know, in my tradition (Native American) if you were my guest, I'd offer you my best bowl' . . . & I quickly repented, & realized that was the way I was raised - to 'treat' the guest!
In fact, that was a hard lesson for this 'only child' - when I was 6 or 7, my mom chastized me for being upset when a neighbor gal & I were having 'tea party,' & she sat in MY CHAIR - the one I'd decorated or whatever . . . the last time I got spanked!!
NOW I try to offer guests a 'pretty' bowl or cup!! & try to match their taste :)

Becky, aren't those fresh 'well grown' veggies a wonderful treat??

Guy, so good to see you here again! I always smile when you mention your grandmama - she was such a great anchor in your life!!
Come play with me, guys, I promise I'll try to share!!