Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wings of Desire

Reading this week's chapter on Desire, I thought of several things.
Living 'on my own' with dog (& occasional visits from my grandkids & my daughter's cats) I am free to do/ be/ play/ read . . . as I please - with of course, breaks for work & other responsibilities.

My Nothing time is often spent doing self-Reiki & my favorite Chakra Chants. I follow that with a tune-up for my land.

I desire to include more creativity in my life! This week I took my granddaughters to 'estatic dance' at the college, attended a benefit dance, & took ballet this morning. It's also 'Art Harvest' tour time, where local artists open their homes & studios to the public, for a basic $5- fee.

I went 'touring' with several gal-friends last Sunday, & today took my granddaughters to 2 studios, inc. 'cousin Wendy's' (her coloured pencil drawing of squash appears on this year's cover)
Each fall I think how fun it would be to be one of the featured artists - & vow to do more 'art' over the coming year . . .

So among my desires - to actualize that wish to be more active with visual arts, to move toward a more spacious & gracious home (fine tune what I have, clear more clutter, organize art & craft areas) & to continue dancing more! Syncronously, the next item on our 'diet of joy' is an exploration of creativity.

The other desire that arose this week - persuing training in a couple of forms of bodywork - certification in one, & beginning to explore a second that's 'come up' several times this week. I have a list of things I've begun that I could complete, or intend to persue - I'm engaged in refining that list, & seeing 'what's next' with a couple.

What desires are tickling your fancy this week?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful desires! I love ecstatic dance and I have a strong desire to become a visual artist, too! I love how our desire for creativity are always expanding into new areas. May all your dreams come true!

sherry ♥ lee said...

I think you are well in tune with your are able to identify them and then pursue them, which leads to opening doors to more desires. I'm beginning to open the windows, which will lead to the doors to my deepest hearts desires.

Pink Heels said...

Wow! That is a diverse approach to integrating more creativity into your life. I love it.

Genie Sea said...

How exciting and fun! Your desire to make an already rich life even fuller and joy-filled, fills me with joy! :)

Anonymous said...

You see well aware of what you want, and what you must do to move towards it... Bravo! So many doors are opening for you!

Jamie Ridler said...

How beautiful to see you in action already on your desires!