Saturday, October 3, 2009

Joy Diet - Truth Dance

On Friday my book arrived at the bookstore, at the 10% discount price they generously offer for 'book club' books. I'm part of a 'women's spirituality' book group that meets weekly, & asked if I could receive the same discount for an on-line group, back when we were 'doing' the 12 Secrets.

I'm still working on getting 15 minutes of 'do nothing, & thinking about Truth as I read the first couple of chapters. One of my galfriends commented that some of her best 'do nothing' time takes place in a bath - oh yes!!

I love baths! I light a couple of candles (in a wall sconce), turn off the overhead, turn on the sink faucet for a couple of minutes to warm the water, do a bit of a Japanese 'rinse' in with the shower, then flip the stopper lever, pour in some epsom salts, & soak!!

I know some folks prefer showers, & I enjoy the connivance of rinsing off first - but give me a bath any day!! When I moved to the coast from Breitenbush in the mid 90s, the wee duplex had a shower in each section, but no tubs!! Fortunately, there was an electric sauna, & I regularly cranked it up, put on a CD with Cherokee chants, & steamed. So my friend's insight about nothing being 'easy - just get in the water' was delightful!

I've noticed several comments about movement arising with Truth - several people talking about loving dancing, & getting past negative self talk to get out on the floor & move! I, too, find dance takes me home in many ways. Since my mom had polio at 9, I realized that my whole gestation & early patterning had an awkward overlay. She walked with crutches, for balance, & which gave her an unsteady gait. We camped a lot, she loved to read & do crafts - sitting ocupations. Bird watching was another love, & she was sad when she saw birds 'constrained' by aviaries - was it a reminder of her own constraints?

I hated 'ball sports' & PE - but loved paper dolls, & had several ballet dancers among them. What a treat, in my 20s, to discover a world class teacher & studio in my in-laws' home town! We commuted, both visting family & taking several classes a week, moving here after 4 years. & it took a few more till my lower body 'caught up' with the grace of my upper body.

Along with massage, I studied Tai chi, another 'graceful' form. People see me as a dancer & graceful - something I didn't dream of in my awkward, shy teen years! This was another aid in reframing my 'story' - becoming more authentic.

Another piece of the story - having older parents & being an 'only' child; much of my childhood was spent with adults, much reading or doing crafts. Having a mother on crutches, I probably did less around the house than some of my contemporaries, as my mom had been brought up with a 'I can do it myself' attitude!! I did help scrub cupboards, traded off with the dishtowel (with my dad, mom always washed) & brought clothes in from the line.

So though attuned to service with my healing practice, I also respect & encourage independence & follow through on the part of my clients. I find myself impatient with negative self-talk & affirmations - those stories we tell ourselves: "Oh, after 40, you just don't heal like you did at 25 or 30!" "I'll never ____ " "People can't ___" . . .
I often invite reframing, & remind myself of that as well.

I see all healing as self healing, & encourage people to seek options (usually 'natural health' oriented!) Flower essences & Reiki are two ways I touch bases with reframing stories, both my own, & those of other beings.


Genie Sea said...

I love the concept of reframing stories. And doing so naturally. :)

It's really impossible to feel badly when you're dancing. Music and dance are the best pick-me-ups.

I so long for a real tub, not the one I have right now. I miss baths! :)

Ellecubed said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with truth. I too absolutely love taking baths and have found it to be so relaxing and a good pace to do nothing.

Jean said...

Your reframing helps me think about some of my own stories and how I might reframe them.

Thank you for your images and thoughts. Lovely post!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see you retelling your stories, letting go of the things that no longer serve you...

Ruth said...

Baths are totally essential to me - showers are just not the same.

sherry ♥ lee said...

I love both baths and showers...for different life affirming, perfect for nothing time!

Retelling our stories, looking back which can help make sense of the present and then we can adapt and adjust for the future.

I loved reading your post.