Thursday, March 25, 2010

Herbs a Planting, gardens a growing

Rain, rain, rain! Those 'April showers' seem to be here already - tho I hear there may be sunshine on the weekend! Yesterday I invited my granddaughters to help me plant the herbs I picked up for the garden out back that I'd been weeding. I practiced restraint, & only brought home a few plants; with the intention of getting them in the ground before buying more!!

Two thyme plants, Lemon Verbena (this one I'll plant in a pot on the front porch - tho it could be in the ground in the summer) & on
the Right, Stevia or 'sweet leaf,' good for adding a 'sweet' taste to teas!

Here's the g
arden plot, almost ready - the sticks help 'remind' my daughter's huskey mix to stay out of the garden, please!! We'll be planting the newly opened area on the top left.

And the big girl; she plante
d ALL the herbs I brought home! She donned the gloves, chose her favorite tool (mine, too) & we proceeded to dig the holes. She remembered how to coax plants out of their pots, & how to loosen the roots before tucking them in!! Now it's time to pick up more herbs!!!

My plants came from Bi-mart &
Incahoots. A local nursery (with an olive press!) Red Ridge Farm is celebrating having reached 300 Facebook 'fans' by offering a 15% discount through the weekend, if you 'mention' you're one.

Anything coming up in your garden yet? Or plants you are working on finding homes for??


法榮 said...

may the blessing be always with you!! ........................................

Rue said...

Planting herbs - what could be better? Your daughter did a good job there! May they grow well and bring you much joy and yumminess!

Ruth said...

It's still winter here - take a look at the snow on my blog!

Tammy said...

it's so fun to watch what you're doing with your garden! This is my first spring here in Oregon - we don't have garden space, but I want to do some pots on our balcony! I would wait until May 1 in Colorado to be safe, but am excited to get going much sooner than that here!! :)