Thursday, March 18, 2010


What on earth do you do with your 'extra' socks??

This AM I decided to tackle the laundry 'pile' - fly-lady asks, 'where's your laundry?' & reminds us of the FIVE basic steps: Sort, Wash, Dry, Fold,& Put it away! (the link is to a variety of thoughts from 'fly-babies' on 'solving the laundry quandry)

I CONTINUALLY do all 5 steps with my massage laundry, (sheets, hand towels n face cloths) - so 'home' laundry is rather 'catch as catch can!'

As I sorted the singleton pile, I asked myself 'would I wear these if I did find the mate??? So thinking of sending them into the compost bin! & found several 'matches' that I do like, so put them in the official 'sock PAIR' basket, & saved some of the singles in another basket.

My son-in law is a pro at sorting/cleaning & all that! His solution - each family member has their own main sock pattern (the 5 year old: white with pink toes & heels, etc) so that it's easy to sort, & they ALL match! Yes, there are still some 'character' socks, but not as many!!

I enjoy more variety, tho I see his point! I've been knitting
part bamboo socks -using 'left overs' from the fingerless gloves to do the cuff/foot, leaving the heel open, & knitting the toe with the bamboo mix! How fun these have turned out - a veritable rainbow! My intention was 'mix & match,' but I've done several pair (& left some toes open as well!) The photo on this link shows the first two pair, I've done some in 'thyme/green' which were sweet for St Pats :) - & 'of course' had to buy new yarn for pairs . . .

OK - back to the sock mine!! What's your task today??

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