Thursday, March 4, 2010

Among the herbs

Lovely day for being outside, again!
I putzed around in the kitchen for awhile, reorganizing my herb/spice rack, & clearing off that counter. Doesn't it seem like things like that take an inordinate amount of time?? But so nice when done!
I made yogurt out of the last of the goat's milk - will see how my grandkids like it! It's easy - & the milk is available from a friend - nice option. The 'milk' kefir cultures so well on the coconut milk - nice & thick, plus tasty!
It's funny - I ordered a case (12 cans) of the coconut milk, but I've noticed that it takes awhile for the message to get to the right folks at the natural foods store!! I saw 'more cans than usual' on the shelf last week, & asked if my order had come in - the checker went & looked (in the back) . . . . No . . . .
Last year I asked for them to carry the coconut OIL I like in a larger size - & there were several quarts on the shelf before I got called to say 'it's in.' So my sense is, when the 'special order' comes in, they just shelve it, unless it's the person who took the order doing the stocking! So I need to ask again, (seems like they were extra busy or I was in a hurry when I did ask) & suggest they come up with a more consistent system?

Meanwhile, yesterday a friend mentioned having smudged her yard, & I mentioned my 'land clearing process' as another option - so sent her the link to my post on that - tuning & clearing! It will be nice to get her feedback - I love doing it! In the afternoon, I began weeding & trimming my herb garden. Some of this garden was already in place when I moved in, & I've added to it over the years.
Lavender, sage, rosemary, bronze fennel, lemon balm, a vitex & a grape, rue, several Thyme plants, chives, catmint, parsley & feverfew (that self sew) . . . with a border of lambs ears that gets bigger every year, & stones. I trimmed lavender & thyme, pulled some weeds & roots, & decided to use a bit of that in the ground edging I got a few years ago at a master Gardner event as a border, & ripple the edge of the garden a bit.

I got quite a bit done before the light faded - plus had phone calls from two old friends that I hadn't heard from in awhile :) More tomorrow, weather allowing!

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