Tuesday, March 9, 2010


A lovely - but cold - day! Debating whether to go out in it - I went out & practiced the dance to the Directions & then did Soaring Crane Qigong, but mighty nippy still. 'Fly Lady' suggests working on the kitchen this week - today is 'clear the counters!'

My 'rant' is - I had bible carrying ladies at the door this AM - why can't I just let them talk, or stay in my power?? No, I have to say that Earth Based spirituality, & a Universal (beyond 'father') God is more my style - & point to the harp, mention 'remembering' playing harp & healing time out of mind! & which early humans really thought 'god' (creator) was MALE, for heavens sake!! Which of the male animals around them was giving birth??

Sweet lady - her 'point' was 'we don't need to repeat suffering' & of course 'father & creator' god (ah, they're so much better coached now, with snippets of glimpses into other ways of thinking!) Co-creation & having any part of it all . . . nope :)
My women's spiritual book group is reading Carol Christ's 'She Who Changes,' & I find process philosoph so matches my sense of how it is (as much as we can see!) 'For process philosophy, the whole universe is alive & changing, continually co-creating new possibilities of life. . . . The world is a web of changing individuals interacting with, affecting & changing each other.' (p45)

Why do I feel the need to argue?? Sigh . . . it's more - I try to open the windows to thinking, beyond the pablum their ministers (all male) feed them. My mom had lovely discussions with some JW missionaries, until they began arriving SUNDAY AM (they're a Sat Sabbath bunch, which is historically 'correct'), knowing my folks attended Church every Sunday, rain or shine - unless we were camping. She'd sit in her chair by the open curtain, & 'ignore' their knocking - if they couldn't respect her beliefs, she didn't feel the need to open the door.

I open the door, & vary my response, today just went for it Hafiz & all 'The awake heart is like a sky that pours light.' (Persian poet, 1320-1389) . . . might I have quoted my favorite Celtic (fictional) 6th Cent religouse - Sister Fidelma?? Who lived in a time women enjoyed more freedoms & equal footing with men, lived in 'joint' houses (she was of Bridgit's mixed gender monastery)

So after they left, I went into my back yard & did a round of The Dance to the Directions, then & Soaring Crane qigong, sending some healing to the earth grid. Some of my friends have been working on manifesting (saying they feel there will be) an earthquake in the NW - I sent my intention of steadiness' to mama/sister earth, that if it's in alignment, may the NW be stable & assist in the Earth rebirth in other ways! O Sada - may it be so! & have been singing 'cleanse, clear, rebalance, illuminate' to the public places (parks, parking strips, well known trees, gardens) all around town; doing a 'tune-up' where I go.

** On Sat, my dau. attended the Gluten Free Friends group. There's a GF nurse that's a great resource for the group, she suggested going more for the whole grains, & less of processed things (noodles, bread) & adding nutrition, since our systems have been deprived while fighting off the damage of wheat. Sweet potatoes (I still have some from my CSA share) are one of the suggested additions.
So I made a mix of millet, amaranth, quinoa & a Tbsp of Teff (one of her favorites, but tiny) & ran peeled Sweet Potatoes in my mini processor - cook 20 min (a bit of kombu - kelp - as well) mmm - was Quite a hit with my dau & her honey - she added the rest of the pan into the rice she'd cooked!! Made another batch this AM.

While I was at it yest, I ran beet & carrot as well (I pre-chop into ~ 3/4 " pieces) & added them to my salad of fresh CSA & garden greens & a few dandelion flors, with some sprouts, kefir, & tahini, olive & coconut oil vinaigrette.