Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting Closer

Next weekend Girls' Night Out will make it's debut, at the caller's & Cuer's co-op dance in Salem! Yikes!! The other three gals sang a few weeks ago at another Salem dance - I wasn't there, & one of our friends said 'it wasn't really GNO without you!' Aww . . .
Am I nervous? YES!

So we've been rehearsing weekly, & selected the two songs for our 'tip' (plus a couple more, if they ask us back up) & making our outfits! Jackie found some cute pink fabric with little girls kicking up their heels - & we each picked up a denim shirt (thrift store-ing!), & are putting on yolks & lace. Jackie finished hers & working on Sandy's this weekend - mine is also in process.

I took it along to work on this afternoon at the ballet studio (yes, that's an intriguing contrast!) during rehearsal for the spring Dance Concert. Several girls asked me if it was for one of the pieces - & everyone thought it was cute. I was in 2 pieces - a Tai Chi number, & playing the harp for an improv piece followed by 'reverance' - the curtsies! So sweet!
I went across the street for Mexican dinner, as the studio provided sandwiches (not GF :)

Friday I went to Washington with my son & his family to attend my cousin Lori's memorial service. It was a LOVELY service - & 6 of the 8 first cousins that are left were able to attend. My son Josh is good friends with Lori's daughters, so we went over to the family gathering after the service.

Here I am with my cousin Louann - Lori was her older sister. Family resemblance is strong, isn't it? As an only child, the family dance is something I am a bit in awe of. I don't spend a lot of time with these cousins, but love them dearly! Lori & Letha (my Aunt) had early August birthdays, & began having 'family reunion' BD parties in the 70s.

Our Uncle Ray was the last of the 5 Aunts & Uncles to pass - at 92!

I had fun asking cousins if they'd square danced! I knew Lori's folks Letha & Lonny did, & my Aunt Irel & her husband Ed; but which of my cousins??
I was intrigued to see how many said 'oh, yes - ... & I did!' Cousin Leonard (in the middle here, between Doris & me) & his wife danced till she broke her leg while she was pregnant, & spent the pregnancy in a

His sister Arlene & her husband Bob began after retirement, when folks from their church 'persisted' - Bob's new wife (not a dancer!) asked "do gals still wear those (silly) full skirts?"


Other cousins 'grew up' dancing with their folks - or remembered spending the evenings out in the car, while mom & dad were in dancing! (those were the days!) Since my mom was on crutches, my folks didn't dance (I think my dad was glad of the 'excuse') but enjoyed the music.

There were some sweet photos that included my mom in her 20s, with the young cousins (she didn't marry& have a 'chick of her own' till her late 30s!) She taught several of them to swim in the pond at the farm, & loved spending time with them. Lori was 14 when I was born, & her daughters are ~ 10 years older than my kids.

One more week . . . . .

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