Friday, May 14, 2010

Littlest Purple People Eater

This weekend, our Square Dance club has a float in the anual 'Alien Days Parade,' an Oregon clasic (& the second largest UFO fest in the country! "The festival began as a way to honor the famous 1950 Trent sighting in which two local citizens witnessed and photographed a UFO, said to be some of the most credible images of UFOs to date. Read a detailed history of the Trent sightings." A friend of my 94 year old mother-in law also saw the UFO/ strange object in the sky that day in 1950, & a sis-in law later lived on the Trent farm for awhile.

My daughter & I usually attend the parade with the girls, & have talked about how fun it would be to dress up & participate - this year I will! Here's my 5 year old granddaughter 'posing' (is that how aliens stand?) in my 'one eyed, one horne (flying) Purple People Eater' hood, & freshly 'sparkled (glitter infused puff paint) purple T-shirt.

Our caller has been working on the calls for THE song, & has a cordless mike; we'll be dancing on the float! Judging is at 11 AM, with the parade at 1 - & prospects are that the warm, sunny weather is here for several days - always appreciated for a parade.

My gal friends & I meet weekly, to practice our singing calls. They actually did a couple at a dance last weekend - I hadn't gone, but the other three were all there. My challenge is singing in a lower register, as it's easier for the guys to understand the calls if they're not too high pitched!
I've been a soprano all my life - now to CONSISTENTLY sing alto - yikes! But it's happening. & I can get through a whole call, singing all the moves! (which has also been work!) I've borrowed a mike, & practice with that at home & our rehersals.

My daughter is getting closer to moving across town! This AM I finally got to see inside the house, as the family was having an Estate Sale, & the kids wanted some of the furniture. I found a couple of stainless steel pans,

Had to take a break to clip some GRASS in my back yard!! My daughter says I should get rid of all the grass, & turn it into a BIG garden!! Nice idea - working on it! & delighted to see my Spitzenberg apple branch (on a 3 way tree) is FULL of thumb sized apples!! 'Rumourred to be' Thomas Jefferson's favorite apple, it 'doesn't bear heavily' - but it is absolutely delicious!

What are you up to this fine weekend?


Hanlie said...

Oh what fun! That is a great costume!

Thank you for all the informative comments you always leave me. I learn a lot from you!

Anonymous said...
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