Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tra La, tis May

Had a lovely day - playing Rowan (my biggest harp) at a wedding - in a BARN!!

We've been in lots of settings - this was a first! We were in the loft, blessed with a solid floor (a piece of plywood across the beams) & lots of skylights. & tho it was windy & rainy, the sun came out after the wedding, & a dear friend attended, so I stayed for the reception.

This morning I'll help at Playschool, which is always fun. Hard to believe that it's the last month, & next year that littlest granddaughter will be in Kindergarden! I mentioned that I'd miss going to school with her, & maybe I could come visit her classroom? She readily agreed that was a good idea! She will probably tell me partway there that we 'should have' driven (it's about 4 blocks!) esp if it's raining! I remind her I only drive if I have a massage to give afterwards!
She loves to sit in the 'trunk' (very back) of the station wagon - which is also the harp's favorite riding place.

What are you up to this fine Wednesday??


Rochelle said...

Ha Ha! I laughed out loud at your granddaughter wanting to sit in the "trunk" and/or the back of the wagon. Cute. Sounds like a lovely wedding.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Anonymous said...
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Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thank you for you Mother´s Day wishes!
We celebrate it here in October, the third Sunday. Might have something to do with Spring, birth and nurturing. :)

Talking about spam ... unless you understand what is said in the previous message, you got some too. *sigh*

Dia said...

Hmm - you're right about that last comment (prior to Paula's) - I just deleted it! There are times I post on a European blog, but not on oriental ones w/o any English, lol!

peppylady (Dora) said...

I didn't know anyone still drove station wagons. A short news flash I want my parents to buy a station wagon.
Ok hope all is well.

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