Monday, May 31, 2010

Girls' Night Out

We did it!
The 'debut' performance of Girls' Night Out was on Sat in Salem at the Square Dance Center. Since it was a holiday weekend, we expected maybe 2 or 3 squares - no . . . . more than 70 folks, enough for 6 squares throughout the dance!! Yikes! (we heard that quite a few folks decided to come just to hear us!) Since it was a 'callers & cuers co-op' dance, like a jam session, folks signed in at the door, & went on stage in that order. The host for the evening decided to put us up just before the break - so not 'till after 9, & the dance began at 7:30. So lots of time to dance, & try to forget being nervous!

Our outfits were so cute, they HAD to like us, don't you think? We actuall
y did well, & received lots of nice comments! & we got to hear a lot of those at the break (it was a 50s/60s & 70s dance, so root beer floats were the special treat!)

We sang & called our 'theme song' - 'Girls' Night Out' & 'Dizzy' (I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning, like a whirlpool it never ends; cause it's YOU, you're making me spin, you're making me DIZZY!' (complete with 'dizzy' choreography)
The only 'glitch' was that the sound system, though set up for 4 cords & mics, didn't work quite right, so Jackie & I (in the middle) were hard to hear. Sandy & Char (the ends) have had lots of experience, project well, & their mics worked fine . . . so some trouble shooting in order before we perform again.

It was really fun. I have made seve
ral drapes for my music stand, white for weddings,a brocade plaid for other events, now one in blue denim for GNO. We rehearsed again tonight, & began working on a few new songs. Sandy is listing us in a SQ D magazine, so we have to learn enough music for a dance! It's fun to do some of the slower, sweeter songs - 'Any Dream Will Do' & 'Rainbow Rider' are two current favorites. We tried 'Devil Went Down to Georgia' which is fun, too!
Sandy & Char can 'carry' doing several individual 'tips' (set of two dances) & Sandy & Jackie 'cue' (choreograph the rou
nd dance) & Char's done some of that - dances alternate between two 'called' dances & two that are 'cued' We're doing 2-step in this photo - Char with her husband Bill, me with Sandy's Al.
We'll be calling a tip at the end of June, during one of Sandy's dances (the caller has the prerogative of inviting a guest caller to do a 'tip.'

We have several advantages - being unique - there are several guys' groups, but no other girls' groups; we have good timing; & those cute outfits . . . . .