Thursday, December 26, 2013

12 Days Fitness Challenge - Day 2

Besides my early morning Qigong (just 3 palms Rising today), my daughter Mary & 1st Granddaughter joined me at the pool for WATER AEROBICS! So an hour of cross country, crunches, dolphin kicks, pull ups (LOVE pull-ups on the side of the pool!) & weights. Then a bit of time in the hot tub, ahhh....

Nadya, Alyssa & Mary
I got to W A fairly regularly until my youngest grandson needed day care when Mama Mary returned to work, & I began spending mornings with the little guy ~ 2 1/2 years ago.

But with Mary & her hubby off this week, we've been able to go to the deep water class! It's been SO much fun to have Mary, then this morning 'Sissa join us! Our friend Nancy goes regularly, & we convinced her daughter 'Juju' (who used to babysit the kids) to come to - the 'girls' both agreed, but ONLY if the other was coming.

If you've never done water aerobics - it's fun, and a GREAT way to exercise if you have any limitations to movement. Our friend Donna, who's diabetic, isn't able to do high impact classes .... water aerobics classes are perfect for her!

Today marks my mom's passing - nine years ago!  She loved teaching her nieces & nephews to swim in the pond at home, but by the time I came along, the swimming pool was the only option.... that wouldn't be an issue for many folks, but my mom was on crutches from having polio when she was nine. Her ankles had been set for ~ 3/4" heels (popular in the 1920s), so she couldn't walk barefoot. & HATED to ask for any special treatment ... you had to shower, etc.
She did go swimming a few times long after there was a new pool with one of those lift slings, & I think she enjoyed it. So our 3 generation pool time today was extra special! Love you, little mama!!

Now, off with the granddaughters for a 'girl day!' 


Fit Armadillo said...

I enjoy teaching and taking Water Aerobics. Today I was in the pool too, but for some laps. Some of the water aerobics ab work is NO joke! Love how you were able to recruit a good crew to join you in the pool :) What a great influence on the family!

Curleedst said...

That is such a great way to spend time with the family. Good for you for hitting the WATER and getting it in.

Dia said...

Yes, it was SO much fun! My daughter was a dance minor in college, & generally works with exercise tapes - would LOVE to get to more classes, but hard, with her busy schedule!
My granddaughter says her Middle School has the best weight room (& a great teacher!) in the state. She takes ballet, & did 4 performances of Nutcracker (various roles) 2 weekends ago ... it DID take some coaxing to get her out of bed early during vacation!

Natosha Miller said...

terrific way to work out and stay healthy. Keep up the good work :).