Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12 Days of Fitness Challenge - Day 7

Catherine Basu in Texas is hosting a fitness challenge - here's the link to the Facebook group - though we're just past the halfway mark!! Still - there's always room for one more - please join us for a Last Day of 2013 Workout! 'Even if it's just a 10 minute walk!'

Today I was able to take another Water Aerobics class! My daughter returned to work this week, so she couldn't join me, but her hubby is home with the kids (works for the college - so nice long winter holiday!) I needed to buy a new punch card - $31.50 for 10 classes - use at your own pace!

My friends Nancy & Emily were there, & we had fun doing our crunches, cross country, etc.
I used the 5# weights today (after reading Catherine's post on using heavier weights) ... but did shift to using them lower when Jason kept having us use them above our heads! Again, with the 'massage work outs,' I monitor pretty carefully what feels Okay, & what feels like it could be a strain!

I'm making Hopping John Soup - traditional in other parts of the country for NY eve! It's in the crock pot for a wee get together with friends this evening. One grew up Adventist, so I left the soup bones out, & will add them to my second round!
HAPPY NEW YEARs, one & all!!


Curleedst said...

I've always wanted to try water aerobics. I agree with Cathy - nothing less than 5 lbs SERIOUSLY. I had to go back to work too this week but it is all good. It was nice and quiet.

Curleedst said...
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Dia said...

It's really fun!! & easy on the body, with both the support of the water, & the resistance enhances effort!
Yes, my week's been good - I'm enjoying having mornings off (from babysitting - tho I had to stop by to SEE them today, LOL) .... & will enjoy being off tomorrow!

lifeisalovelydream said...

That is awesome, I wish my gym did punch cards like that. :) It's a bargain! Keep up the fantastic work!

Fit Armadillo said...

Sounds like a great workout in the water! Of course, listen to your body with the weights. Sometimes instructors do a million reps and I'm not sure why. But strength training is so important for us women and using the correct weight ensures you get to enjoy all the benefits. Hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

La'Shandra Holmes said...

Sounds like a great workout!
I've heard water aerobics gives you both cardio and strength training. I must try it. Thx for sharing.