Saturday, December 28, 2013

12 Days Fitness Challenge - Day 4

Catherine Basu in Texas is hosting a fitness challenge - here's the link to the Facebook group - though we're several days into the challenge, there's always room for one more - please join us!!

Today was another Qigong day. I did three Palms Rising and 5-Element Standing Stake, about 10 minutes. Plus strolling around our Farmer's Market, getting wonderful OG kale, Collards (for Hoppin' John New Year's soup), parsley, squash, apples, & then a pasture raised (no grain!) leg of lamb.

It was also our second family Christmas party, with my son & his family, niece & her daughter at my daughter Mary's home. I completed my knitting project for my son; this pair of fingerless gloves (knit earlier in the week) & the Jacques Cousteaus hat, which I finished yesterday! It took awhile to get the size 'just right' - & to figure out the decrease - LOVE it, & plan to make a few more!

The wool is from a heritage flock of Navajo-Churro sheep from Bide A Wee farm. I was able to show off the finished goodies to my farmer Karen. The darker grey was commercially spun from their wool, & I spun the paler grey from washed wool I carded on wool cards my mom & her mom used when preparing wool for hooked rugs. The wool is a joy to work with, & I am growing increasingly fond of the meat!

"The Navajo-Churro sheep were brought to the North America by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 16th century as a source of food and clothing for their armies. By the 17th century Churros were popular with the Spanish settlers in the upper Rio Grande Valley.  Flocks of Churros were also acquired by Native Americans through raids and trading, and soon became an important part of the Navajo economy and culture.  A series of US Government sponsored flock reductions and "improvements" (by cross breeding) decimated the Navajo flocks until the old type Churro sheep nearly disappeared."

What did you do for your health & well being today?


Curleedst said...

I like the gloves and your family is still having parties? LOVE IT! I'm still trying to figure out what Qigong is.

Fit Armadillo said...

You're so talented! Congrats on completing Day 4 :)

Dia said...

Curleedst - Qigong is similar to Tai Chi, which looks like martial arts, done super slowly. It's an 'internal exercise' as well as external movement - when you're moving, you're focusing on different areas, sometimes organs, sometimes chakras, or systems.
In 5 Element Standing stake, I face East & do a few movements, then hold a position, thinking of the Liver & Gall Bladder, of the eyes, & the Immune System.
Next I turn to face the south (rotating on my Rt heel), & think of another pair of organs: heart & small intestine; the tongue, & the Circulatory System. 5 directions, 5 pairs of organs, and 5 Systems, plus parts of the head (next is mouth, then nose, then ears)
With Soaring Crane, it's more 'push, think of your Lao Gong (palms of hands), 'pull, think of your shoulders' (pushing to the front, then sides, 'gathering Chi/Qi from the 4 directions)
So while it doesn't 'seem' like it would do much physically, the mental focus makes each movement precious.