Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12 Days of Fitness Challenge - Day 6

Catherine Basu in Texas is hosting a fitness challenge - here's the link to the Facebook group - though we're halfway through the challenge, there's always room for one more - please join us!! This is a nice way to get a head start on those intentions for the New Year, which often include eating better, getting in shape ...

Today I went to work!
Now, probably most of us went to work in some way, in an office, at home with kids ....

I'm a massage therapist.
Most working days, I'm with my toddler grandkids in the morning, then go to my office & see clients in the afternoon, so on a 'good day' I generally see 2 or 3 clients. Today I had five sessions, back to back (15 minute breaks), two of the sessions were 90 minutes; total: 6 hours of massage. I generally schedule a longer break midday, at least 1/2 hour - but our receptionist scheduled the last 2 before thinking of that ... kind co-workers had extra snacks (inc a great green smoothie!)

Years ago, we were told that offering massage ranked up with professional dance in terms of energy spent. And a calorie counter suggests I burned ~ 1450 calories doing those 5 sessions ....

My massage mentor had polio as an adult, & stressed we MTs need to have good body dynamics - or ergonomics - whenever we perform sessions. I took my first Tai Chi class at her (strong) suggestion, as she felt the principles of movement in that form would translate well to massage - & it does!
I bend my knees, & take a wider stance, rather than bending my back. I use my body weight for deeper work (especially when I'm offering Ashiatsu 'barefoot' massage)

During one of my breaks today, I did one round of the Cherokee (Tsalagi) Dance of Life /Dance to the Directions. I learned this in a workshop combining Cherokee & Buddhist teachings ~ 18 years ago, & as the commentary explains, it looks like Tai Chi or Qigong!

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Fit Armadillo said...

Love the diversity of your workouts! It's also fun to see what a day in the life of a massage therapist is like. Now I want a massage, though!!! Happy last day of 2013 :)